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Each and every council have their own rules on house extension design. These constraints are put in place in the Local development plan and this gives constraints on Planning Approvals.
C49 Architecture has experience working with most councils in the UK so although we are based in Huddersfield we can work anywhere within the UK.
When designing a house extension these constraints have to be taken into account along with the site context.
Although we do take note of these constraints we have experience in "getting more" than these constraints.

When designing an extension it is not only the best looking design that should be done. In reality it is identifying the need of the Client, the existing value of the home, the construction cost and the end value.

We use techniques when we are designing which keeps the construction costs at lowest values so that we can maximise the design.

House extensions are very personal and we ensure we reach the clients brief at the budget they set and within what will gain planning permission.

We specialise in obtaining planning approvals, construction so get in touch today to see how we can offer you a personalised competitive service.