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When undertaking a project whether it is an extension to your home, new house, commercial or large industrial developments it is always vital you have a proactive Architecture team working side by side with a competent contractor.
Here at C49 Architecture we do not specify the most expensive products on projects we specify the equivalent products which builders actually use.
This ensures lower build costs a comparable quality build this is not what other companies do so we can ensure your tenders, quotes and prices are as low as possible.
When the contractor is selected it is essential that your architecture team get on with the contractor so they can answer any queries they may have here again at C49 Architecture we work closely with contractors and ensure that projects move smoothly.
We offer project management services to Clients so we can fully take the burden away from the client as construction can be a stressful experience.

Sometimes contrasting buildings can give a excellent space here we designed a rendered extension to contrast the existing stone building this new space with a glass link is simply stunning internally and when completed externally

C49 Architecture are diverse team who specialise in relations as well as a professional service
Undertaking projects in Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax mainly as well as the surrounding North York Moors and the rest of Yorkshire
We can ensure we will give you a well designed building which is cost effective whilst giving you the most positive experience we can

As we like to say Good Design does not have to be unnecessarily expensive

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