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When undertaking a project whether it is an extension to your home, new house, commercial or large industrial developments it is always vital you have a proactive Architecture team working side by side with a competent contractor.
Here at C49 Architecture we do not specify the most expensive products on projects we specify the equivalent products which builders actually use.
This ensures lower build costs a comparable quality build this is not what other companies do so we can ensure your tenders, quotes and prices are as low as possible.
When the contractor is selected it is essential that your architecture team get on with the contractor so they can answer any queries they may have here again at C49 Architecture we work closely with contractors and ensure that projects move smoothly.
We offer project management services to Clients so we can fully take the burden away from the client as construction can be a stressful experience.

Sometimes contrasting buildings can give a excellent space here we designed a rendered extension to contrast the existing stone building this new space with a glass link is simply stunning internally and when completed externally

C49 Architecture are diverse team who specialise in relations as well as a professional service
Undertaking projects in Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax mainly as well as the surrounding North York Moors and the rest of Yorkshire
We can ensure we will give you a well designed building which is cost effective whilst giving you the most positive experience we can

As we like to say Good Design does not have to be unnecessarily expensive

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House Extensions
New Houses
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C49 Architecture are expanding.

Due to growth Client reputation and customer service C49 Architecture have expanded to Wilsden a small village on the outskirts of Bradford.

This office seeks to offer services to the Bradford and surrounding regions including North Yorkshire.

Having experience in housing and commercial projects C49 Architecture can offer competitive pricing for any project how big or small.

This new office is hopefully a step in making C49 Architecture a small business which grows to carry on striving to offer its client a service second to none and ensure costs effective architecture to Clients, contractors and developers.

New Wilsden office address: Spring Mill, Wilsden, Bradford, BD15 0DX

Contact: Josh Harling----- 07850371446
Each and every council have their own rules on house extension design. These constraints are put in place in the Local development plan and this gives constraints on Planning Approvals.
C49 Architecture has experience working with most councils in the UK so although we are based in Huddersfield we can work anywhere within the UK.
When designing a house extension these constraints have to be taken into account along with the site context.
Although we do take note of these constraints we have experience in "getting more" than these constraints.

When designing an extension it is not only the best looking design that should be done. In reality it is identifying the need of the Client, the existing value of the home, the construction cost and the end value.

We use techniques when we are designing which keeps the construction costs at lowest values so that we can maximise the design.

House extensions are very personal and we ensure we reach the clients brief at the budget they set and within what will gain planning permission.

We specialise in obtaining planning approvals, construction so get in touch today to see how we can offer you a personalised competitive service.
C49 Architecture
Whether we’re looking to extend an existing property, or we have a slightly more challenging project in mind, it makes sense to ensure that we have the right kind of architecture solution on board. While there are many solutions available, you should only look to employ the services of a seasoned professional to ensure that the service you receive is both professional and reliable. While it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest price, you also need to look at the value of the service you’re receiving. While there’s certainly nothing wrong in finding a great deal in relation to your architectural needs, opting for a lacklustre service could mean that you end up spending more money in the long-run.
Introducing C49 Architecture
C49 Architecture is a company that was created out of love for both architecture and construction. Based in Huddersfield, C49 Architecture has already had the pleasure of working on several high-profile projects, each with their own specifications. As such, C49 Architecture is able to provide a professional and cost-effective service, regardless of the project you have in mind. If this is the first time you’ve ever approached a project, you may be a little bewildered as to what the process entails. Fear not, the world of construction and architecture can be overwhelming for many, which is why many opt to use a professional. As well as being able to assist with the more complicated aspects of your project, C49 Architecture can also ensure that any complicated planning queries are taken care of, leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of the project.
As well as saving time, ensuring a professional is on board can also save a great deal of money, as well as ensuring that important deadlines are met.
Architecture is more than just building an image, it’s about providing a valuable service that looks to enrich the lives of others while ensuring there is a creative use of space and light. C49 Architecture has been trading for a number of years, and its experience can ensure that whether you’re adding an extension to your home, or looking to build a new office block, you will be introduced to a space that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also exudes character.
C49 Architecture throws out the rule book when it comes to creating a truly bespoke solution. It understands that it is very rare that any two requests are the same, and as such, ensures that completely tailored and affordable serviced is offered to all clients, regardless of their project needs. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything C49 Architecture stands for, which is why it has enjoyed many repeat commissions from satisfied clients in the past.
If you’re currently looking for a company that can offer an affordable, yet professional service every time, then why not contact C49 Architecture today for a free no-obligation quotation
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